A Visit from the Sheriff

A Visit from the Sheriff photo

Students of all grade levels at Bosti Elementary School were recently paid a visit by Suffolk County Sheriff Errol Toulon Jr., along with Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department K-9 officers Kevin Tracy and Jason Korte, for an informative presentation along with a demonstration of the K-9 Unit.

Sheriff Toulon introduced himself to the young students by describing his role as the Suffolk County sheriff, along with the many duties and responsibilities that come along with his title. He informed the attendees that a sheriff is not appointed but is instead selected for the role by form of an election. Additionally, he hosted a question and answer session, in which the students were able to ask questions such as, “Where do all of the bad guys go?” and “How is your job different from a police officer’s?”

After Sheriff Toulon’s informative session, Deputy Sheriff Tracy took the floor as joined by Deputy Sheriff Korte, along with their two K-9’s Phillip and Jet. The officers let the students know that the dogs first and foremost role was to find specific materials and keep them safely off of the streets. The dogs are trained anywhere from two-to-six months depending on their age before they are officially able to conduct searches. The officers also demonstrated the dogs’ keen sense of smell through a hands-on activity.