A Celebration of Writing

A Celebration of Writing photo

Students enrolled in Jennifer Horodyski’s, Kelly Randazzo’s and Melanie Carlsson’s second-grade classes at Duffield Elementary School recently hosted a writing celebration in recognition of their successful completion of Unit Four of the Units of Study Writing Program.

To celebrate their accomplishments, each student wrote a letter about one of their favorite books. In that letter they explained why they enjoyed reading their chosen book and they provided evidence from the text to support their reasoning. 

The students were also able to jot down titles and authors of books that interested them based on their classmates’ writing pieces, helping them create a list of summer reading ideas. 

Additionally, the school’s first-grade classes were invited to join in the celebration, read the second graders’ work and create their own book lists. This opportunity gave them a preview of what is to come for them next school year when they participate in the second-grade writing program.