Financially Literate Learners

Financially Literate Learners photo
Financially Literate Learners photo 2
Second and third grade students from Duffield Elementary School recently enhanced their financial literacy capabilities, as they were visited by Math Specialist Cathy Ebbecke for lessons on how to manage their piggy bank money and income from household chores in a proper manner. 

During the lessons, the students were asked if they could explain the various characteristics of U.S. currency, and enthusiastically responded that money was green, exchanged in both paper and coin form and features our nation’s presidents on the front.

Along with assistance from Elementary Humanities Chairperson Eileen Abraham, the students were taught important lessons from the book “Financial Fitness for Life” in an attempt to further construct their knowledge of spending and saving money.  

Before concluding their lessons, the students took part in an activity in which they were asked to choose a career path and brainstorm with their classmates about the types of skills necessary in order to achieve that job.