Getting Creative with Mathematics

Getting Creative with Mathematics photo
Students enrolled in Laura-Lee Flynn’s and Leslie Cassagne’s Algebra I Regents course at Ronkonkoma Middle School recently took a different and creative way to learn math. They participated in a ball launch lab in an effort to demonstrate how real-life situations can be made to demonstrate quadratic equations and form a parabola.

The students utilized a toy ball launcher to demonstrate a parabola by shooting the ball over the football field post so it would rise and fall as time went on, as a means of finding the roots by using time and height. Afterward, they recorded their data to calculate an equation, and then plotted the equation to look for the roots and axis of symmetry. 

“This was a very fun lab and it helped demonstrate quadratics in a real-life situation,” said Ronkonkoma Middle School eighth-grade student Samantha Ortiz.