Keeping Our Students Safe

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As an extension of the district’s proactive and expansive efforts, the district hosted a training day on April 5 to focus on equipping faculty and staff members with the most up-to-date safety measures and lifesaving techniques.

The program included several guest speakers who spoke about national trends, emerging practices and the resources available, both within the district and surrounding community. Presenters included representatives from the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office and Stony Brook University Hospital. 

Deputy Sheriff Investigator William Weick discussed informative safety measures specific to an emergency situation within a school building, including the latest evacuation tactics and preventative measures. 

Additionally, Stony Brook University Hospital Outreach Coordinator Colby Rowe provided attendees with hands-on lifesaving training as part of the department of Homeland Security “Stop the Bleed” program. According to its website, this national initiative is one that calls for bystanders to become trained, equipped and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives. The program focuses on the proper methods to apply tourniquets and tending to wounds in the case of any emergency. 

“As school security measures are changing at a rapid rate, it is our utmost priority to ensure our students’ and staff members’ safety,” said Superintendent Dr. Lynda G. Adams. “Our district has remained on the forefront of safety and security training, practices and procedures – including having provided FEMA incident command training. While I take pride in our past and current efforts, we recognize that it is imperative that we continue to embrace emerging and best practices on an ongoing basis.”