Sharing Life Lessons

Sharing Life Lessons photo

Members of the Connetquot High School Athletes-Helping-Athletes club recently paid the fifth-graders of Cherokee Street Elementary School a visit, as they engaged the young students in a variety of leadership and team-building activities. The visitors also took time to explain the many advantages of participating in extra-curricular programs, such as music, band and sports.

The high school students explained to the fifth-graders that their journeys through the upper grade levels will consist of more demanding schedules, along with the option to explore new clubs or try out for athletic teams. Additionally, each of the visitors talked about how they learned to believe in themselves and continue to work to reach their goals.

The Connetquot High School Athletes Helping Athletes club consists of more than 60 service-minded students who pledge to stay away from alcohol and drugs, and to share their experiences with elementary school students. For nearly 20 years, AHA has positively impacted the Connetquot community by inspiring high school students to be leaders through sports while also working as role models to fifth-grade students.