Throwing Pies for A Good Cause

Throwing Pies for A Good Cause photo

Students at Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School recently lined the walls of the school cafeteria as they eagerly awaited the opportunity to “pie” some faculty and staff members as part of the #LetThePiesFly4EB fundraiser initiative.

The fundraiser, spearheaded by teachers Stephanie Zabbia, Lori Harned and Michele Russo, asked students to make a small donation in order to acquire tickets which would in turn grant them the opportunity to gently throw a plate of pie into the faces of their favorite teachers.

This event raised $1,000 for the University of Minnesota’s #LetThePiesFly4EB which funds research on epidermolysis bullosa, a rare disease that currently affects the life of Mrs. Russo's friends’ two-year-old daughter Makenzie Cadmus, who was the inspiration for this fundraiser.