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Seven students from Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School recently competed against 10 other middle school teams at the Long Island Junior Iron Chef competition held at Whole Foods Market in Lake Grove. 

The team was required to create an original recipe that used local ingredients, could be prepared in a school cafeteria and was, ultimately, healthy. The young chefs used their creative talents to devise the “Good Morning Breakfast Taco.”

The students —Ava Catania, Stephanie Cortez, Nick Esteves, Gianna Infantolino, Christina Li, Dakota Ramos and Erich Reineking — are all currently part of the Chef Master's Club at OBMS. 

During the competition, the students were judged based on taste, presentation, creativity, use of local and USDA ingredients, healthy choices and cafeteria readiness. The district congratulates the team for their participation and successful execution of their recipe.