A Patriotic Visit

A Patriotic Visit photo

John Pearl Elementary School recently welcomed U.S. Marine Corps Private first-class Shaun Muller to the school as he visited with the first-grade students and celebrated the birthday of his younger sisters.

His twin sisters, Emily Muller and Payton Muller, enrolled in Kim Okula’s and Sarah Mannino’s classes, were excited to spend time with their older brother on their special day. The first-graders took the time to sing “Happy Birthday” to the sisters as well. 

Pfc. Muller was introduced by John Pearl Elementary School Principal Susan White before speaking about his experiences in boot camp, as well as his next posting. Both the students and teachers alike were impressed to hear that he could be stationed in Virginia, or even within the Hawaiian Islands. 

After reading from the book “The Impossible Patriotism Project,” the students applauded the session and thanked Pfc. Muller for visiting.  

“All of the students were proud to meet Shaun,” said Ms. White. “He is a real American hero.”

Following the reading presentation, Pfc. Muller was serenaded by the students to a rendition of “This Land is Your Land.”