Scientific Successes

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John Pearl Elementary School students in grades K-5 recently took part in the school’s annual science fair competition, spending weeks researching an important scientific topic and recording their findings to share with the school community. 

Examples of projects submitted by the students included testing if variances in temperature affect the conductibility of magnets, acid rain and the effect on the environment, and the effect that different liquids have on the decomposition rates of the human tooth. Additionally, student representatives from Connetquot High School, along with Science, Technology and FACS Chairperson Mary Loesing were on hand to judge the projects and determine who would be declared winners for each grade level. 

The Connetquot Central School District congratulates the following students from each grade level, for being named both winners and honorable mention recipients: Kindergarten: Alison Allen, winner; Emelia D’Antonio and Hassanatou Diallo, honorable mentions; First grade: Justin Beigay, winner; Logan Staulcup, honorable mention; Second grade: Lila Shapiro, winner; Rishi Kannan, Nilay Patel and Caeden Shackles, honorable mentions; Third grade: Nathan Caruana, winner; Anthony Calvosa, Olivia Campagnola, Krish Kannan, Cherlon Milden and Kaitlyn Young, honorable mentions; Fourth grade: Meghan Miller, winner; Ethan Lonie, Alex Molter, Kai Shapiro and Dean Smith, honorable mentions; Fifth grade: Hudson Esposito, winner; Kasey Alvino, Jesse Bartick, Sophie Campagnola, Christie Clark, Sarah Dailey, Julianna Daina, Nicolas Lorefice, Deanna Marciano and Olivia Medina, honorable mentions.