Bosti Students Gear Up for Literacy

Bosti Students Gear Up for Literacy photo

Students at Bosti Elementary School continue to build upon their literacy skills in the classroom setting, as they explore new and innovative ways to further develop a lifelong love for reading and writing.

In Melissa Lewis’s first grade class, students are currently taking part in a collaborative reading activity, in which they team up with a partner to read and discuss non-fiction stories. Using a method of “shopping” for books with their red bags, the students are able to experience new and exciting stories once they finish exploring their most current selection. 

Students in Jessica King’s class recently incorporated the scientific method into a literary lesson, as they followed careful instructions to build a structure which would successfully guide their toy car from point A to point B. In order to write like a scientist and successfully transport their miniature vehicle, the students asked questions about how the world works, formulated a hypothesis, and recorded the results of their tests via trial and error methodology.