A ‘Wonder’-ful Guest

A ‘Wonder’-ful Guest photo

Fifth-grade students in Colleen Malone’s and Joanna Zalewski’s classes at Bosti Elementary School recently welcomed Jeremy Dale, an impressive and inspirational young man, to talk to the students and staff members about the best-selling novel, “Wonder,” and his own life living with a craniofacial deformity.

“Wonder,” which was recently adapted into a movie, tells the story of a boy with a severe facial deformity, who faces challenges as he begins to attend regular school as a fifth-grader. 

“Like the main character in the book, Jeremy was born with facial differences,” said Mrs. Malone. “He and his mom shared his experiences about his many surgeries along with other details about his life. The students were particularly excited to hear that Jeremy had been invited to be on the set during the filming of ‘Wonder,’ and that he had the opportunity to meet many of the actors at the premier screening in Los Angeles.”

Before concluding his visit, Jeremy also spent time answering students’ questions about his life, the book “Wonder,” and his thoughts on the movie. At the end of the visit, Jeremy presented the students with Wonder-themed bookmarks. The students came away from this experience impressed by Jeremy’s resilience, enthusiasm and positive attitude.