Running from the Zombies

Running from the Zombies photo

Colorfully dressed zombies joined parents, students, teachers and staff members at Connetquot High School on Jan. 20 for the fifth annual 5K Zombie Walk, in benefit of the Connetquot Foundation for the Advancement of Children.

More than 100 attendees were ready to walk the halls of Connetquot High school 10 times to complete the 5k goal, as they did their best to evade the zombies and keep three flags attached to their belts along the way. As they walked the halls, the goal was to avoid zombies who would try to remove the participants’ flags one at a time. When all three flags were “surrendered,” the participants would be declared a zombie for 2018.

The CFAC provides financial grants to teachers and district schools to purchase equipment and supplies, and supports special assemblies and training that directly benefit the students of the district. The foundation has awarded well over $140,000 in support of school district efforts to enhance the educational opportunities for Connetquot’s children.