Mad for Science

Mad for Science photo

Students at John Pearl Elementary School were recently visited by Mad Science of Long Island representative “Ant the Alchemist” for a highly engaging science presentation titled “Up, Up and Away.”

Utilizing his energetic personality to get the students excited about the wonder of science, Ant the Alchemist invited student volunteers to take part in hands-on activities.

Along the way, students learned that water pressure increases the further you dive into the ocean, and that air pressure decreases as airplanes rise higher into the air. Additionally, they engaged in activities showcasing that plastic bags begin to rise when heat is applied to its physical structure, car engines run due to reactions in the combustion chamber, and that structures can actually float if high amounts of air pressure are applied from underneath its base.

According to their website, Mad Science of Long Island is a leading science enrichment provider on Long Island, delivering hands-on, unique science experiences for children that are as entertaining as they are educational.