‘Sensible’ Discoveries

‘Sensible’ Discoveries photo

Taking learning beyond the classroom, students enrolled in Elizabeth Jonas’ and Linda Pennington’s kindergarten classes at Slocum Elementary School were recently able to explore the world around them using their five senses.

With assistance from Donna Waldenburg, a representative of Long Island Center for the Arts and Sciences, the students engaged in activities which would further enhance their senses and deepen their understanding of how the body works.

Ms. Waldenburg walked around the room with small containers consisting of prominent, flavorful scents, explaining that the nose is the body’s primary organ for picking up smells. Additionally, the kindergartners utilized their senses of sight and hearing as they played Simon Says in American Sign Language, and learned how to say “I Love You” in Braille using their sense of touch. To learn more about their sense of taste, the students participated in an activity which discussed the important sense via discussions and informational slides.