Exploring New Languages

Exploring New Languages photo

This December, C-Quest students were immersed in the study of world languages as they studied the Mandarin dialect of the Chinese language at Bosti Elementary School during an interactive workshop with the Wu family.

Mrs. Wu, who teaches the Mandarin dialect at the Portledge School in Locust Valley, led the workshop along with her husband and two daughters.

“During the workshop, the students learned the basics of speaking Mandarin using pictures to express basic phrases regarding likes, dislikes and greetings,” said Lisa Manzo, who advises the C-Quest program with Kevin Keane. “Additionally, they worked in groups to write words to create sentences and practice speaking with one another.”

Connetquot’s C-Quest program is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of the district’s fourth- and fifth-grade students. Based at Bosti Elementary School, the C-Quest program services the needs of approximately 140 students throughout the district. Started almost 30 years ago as Connetquot’s “Gifted and Talented” curriculum, today’s C-Quest program continues the mission of enriching the experiences of its students.