Digging Up Fun

Digging Up Fun photo

In an effort to enhance their scientific studies, first-graders at Bosti and Slocum Elementary Schools recently received a visit from a Maritime Explorium representative for their “Wiggly Worms” workshop.

Throughout the course of the STEM-oriented activity, students became animal behaviorists as they took part in respectful, animal-friendly experiments to investigate the senses and reactions of earthworms. Within designated workstations, the students explored what components of the habitat provided worms with the most desirable living environment. 

The students were highly engaged as they discovered multiple factors which would impact the worms’ environment, such as their reactions to different intensities of light, the types of soils and substrates most beneficial to their living situation, and how they responded in dry or moist conditions. 

At the end of the experimentation period, the students gathered around in a circle and shared their findings amongst one another, explaining the factors they found to be most beneficial and harmful to the worms’ environmental factors.