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Students enrolled in the after-school Computer Science Clubs at Bosti and John Pearl Elementary schools are currently taking part in next generation activities and lessons in an effort to expand their STEM-based knowledge.

At both schools, time is split between unplugged, hands-on activities such as the computer-coding based Ozobots and plugged activities like Code Studio in the computer lab. Ozobots are small, programmable robots that make calculated movements based on drawn combinations of line sequences on paper. Both activities introduce the eager students to the ever-expanding field of computer coding, as they build their own sequences and familiarize themselves with the language necessary to become a successful programmer.  

“One goal is for students to gain a deeper understanding of coding and the language of computers,” said Edward J. Bosti Elementary School Computer Science Club adviser Stephanie Gozaloff. “Additionally, students are working on increasing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills by becoming more creative thinkers along the way.”