Thanksgiving Celebrations


Schools throughout the district recently took part in various food drives and activities in celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Bosti Elementary School Principal Laura Kimball led a musical parade through the halls of the school, as students from Melissa Lewis’ and Patricia Nixon’s first-grade classes proudly marched the first and second floor hallways to the delight of their classmates. The parade included appearances by Santa Claus, a dancing turkey, a “living” Christmas Tree and a brightly dressed elf who helped Santa greet the happy students.

Louise Burger, principal of Connetquot’s Alternative High School, brought together students, staff, friends and family for the program’s annual Thanksgiving celebration, which included a feast complete with all of the traditional food items associated with the holiday. As part of the Family and Consumer Science elective, students learned the basics of planning, preparing and cooking an elaborate festive holiday meal and exchanged with each other what they are thankful for this holiday season. 

In the spirit of giving, staff and students from Connetquot High School and Ronkonkoma Middle School collected hundreds of food items which were distributed to families less than fortunate just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. The schools were able to amass a large number of items, which included foods such as stuffing, canned vegetables and cereals.

Students from Linda Pennington’s and Elizabeth Jonas’s kindergarten classes at Slocum Elementary School recently dressed as Pilgrims and Native Americans in celebration of the school’s annual Thanksgiving Day Pageant. The students were able to inform the crowded atrium filled with smiling family members the story of the Pilgrims and their struggle to cross the ocean in search of religious freedom and new opportunities. Additionally, they explained how the Native Americans welcomed them, and helped them to survive the struggles of the first winter by teaching them how to build shelters grow crops native to “the new world.”