Exploring the Native American Museum

Exploring the Native American Museum Pic

Students enrolled in Patrick Brennan’s and Tracy McIntyre’s fourth-grade classes at Idle Hour Elementary School recently displayed their vast knowledge of the Iroquois people, as they invited family and friends into the school’s atrium for a Native American museum event.

The project came as a conclusion to the students’ classroom lessons on the Iroquois tribe, covering important topics such as hunting and gathering techniques, the most common forms of shelter and family lineage facts.

With their immense knowledge of the tribe on hand, the students chose one particular aspect of Iroquois culture and wrote a detailed report on it and created of artistic representations of their topic. Some of the incredible displays of art included representations of hunting traps, comprehensive longhouses and wigwams, tomahawks, fishing poles and even a Haudenosaunee version of a lacrosse stick. 

The invited guests enjoyed walking around the room, asking the students about their chosen project and learning important historical facts along the way.