Lessons Brought to Life

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As a practical application of classroom lessons, students enrolled in Lynn Parks’ College Child Growth and Development course are learning about the care of infants through the use of RealCare Computerized Infant Simulators.

According to Ms. Parks, the simulators are equipped with a set of sensors which are capable of detecting if the students are paying careful attention to such key factors as proper head support, temperature and gentle handling.   

Additionally, the simulators make prominent noises to alert users if the infant needs to be fed, changed or is feeling under the weather. 

Due to a grant from the Long Island Family and Consumer Sciences Professionals, the students were supplied with additional references and plastic tamper proof wristbands to be used in coordination with the simulators. These wristbands will be able to provide Ms. Parks with an accurate reading as to how the students are taking care of their designated simulator. 

After a three-day period with their infant, the students will be assessed on how well they performed based on the sensor’s readings.