Stepping Up to Bullies

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Seventh-grade students at Ronkonkoma Middle School were recently visited by Kym Laube, executive director of Hugs, Inc., for a highly informative presentation about reciprocating kindness and the importance of being a leader.

Ms. Laube began her presentation by speaking of her son, who was bullied extensively while going through school. However, as he grew older and realized that he had multiple aspects that he liked about himself, his confidence expanded, and he turned out to be a highly successful student and Division I college football player. 

Students were asked by Ms. Laube to take part in an activity in which they wrote down a total of 12 items — three things, three names, three activities they like to do and three things that they like about themselves. During the activity, Ms. Laube put the students into scenarios in which they would have to remove one of their written items one by one based on poor decisions, in an effort to see the effect that making bad choices had on the things they held most dear to them. 

“Always be sure to do the right thing; make it your goal to be a leader, not a follower,” she said. “Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you cannot do something.”