Picking Pumpkins Out West

Picking Pumpkins Out West photo

Kindergarten students from John Pearl Elementary School adorned their cowboy hats, flannels and boots during their recent trip to the Arbors Assisted Living at Bohemia for a western-themed celebration with their “Grandfriends.”

Prior to entering the building, the two classes were greeted by a horse named Shadow, a special treat for their excellent behavior in the classroom, as he welcomed the students and even let them pose for photos. 

In the lobby, which was decorated to mimic the Wild West, the students were welcomed by the staff members and residents, who joined along in the western-themed celebration. The students then faced the crowd of staff members, teachers, and corporate members of the Arbors Assisted Living Facility to join together in a medley of Halloween songs.  

Before concluding their trip, all in attendance were given the opportunity to take home a pumpkin from the courtyard’s pumpkin patch, courtesy of the Arbors Assisted Living Facility staff.