Superintendent's Challenge

Dear Connetquot Families, 

One highly sought-after quality that defines our district is its strong sense of community involvement. Whether it is in the classrooms — which transform into family-like environments — or the events and activities that take place beyond the walls of our buildings, there is a feeling of support and passion throughout our school district.

Having begun my educational career in the classroom, I know firsthand how important this quality is and the integral part it plays in the success of our students, especially during those transitional years. This is why, this year, I have created a challenge for our fifth-graders, who started their last year of elementary school this September. 

My “Superintendent’s Challenge” is simple: Become involved and make your presence known. As I do each year, I plan to attend a wide variety of school district events as I endeavor to get to know our students and their families better. 

For the challenge, I encourage our fifth-graders to do the same. From fine and performing events to sporting games and everything in between, these activities provide the chance for our students to meet their Connetquot peers and perhaps make a friend they will go to school with in the future. Additionally, it is my hope that their attendance during these events will inspire our fifth-graders to become involved with a new activity, club or sport when they begin their middle school careers.

But what would a challenge be without a fun reward? When at these events, any fifth-grader who introduces him or herself to me and tells me which elementary school they attend will earn a point for that building. At the end of the year, the elementary school with the most points will win a special, fun-filled and memorable surprise! 

Please visit our district website and calendar for dates/times for upcoming events. 

Have a great year, and I look forward to seeing all of you! 


Dr. Lynda Adams 
Superintendent of Schools