Hurricane Victim Assistance

Hurricane Victim Assistance photo

In the weeks following the disastrous effects of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico, students and advisers of the Connetquot High School Foreign Language Honor Society, along with community members and district staff, dedicated their time to provide essential items to those in need.

Working with the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Day Parade, Inc. and Ana Caraballo Gonzalez, the program director of La Fiesta (WBON) Radio Station in Ronkonkoma, the honor society coordinated efforts to provide material assistance to those severely affected by this natural disaster. To date, their efforts have included collecting such items as water, first aid supplies, and diapers as well as organizing fundraisers in an effort to provide humanitarian assistance. 

“Through the guidance of the organizations, we will be delivering supplies to their designated donation site in Central Islip with the aid of our Connetquot Grounds staff,” said FLHS adviser Adriana DeFelice. “Collections will, in turn, be securely flown to Puerto Rico and distributed to churches and nonprofit organizations throughout the island.”

While every single donation to this relief effort is appreciated, special thanks are extended to SUNation CEO Scott Maskin for his group’s donation of more than $1,000 worth of supplies, and Connetquot Teachers Association who donated another $500 worth of relief supplies.