Fire Safety Fun

Fire Safety Fun photo

Students at John Pearl Elementary School were recently visited by members of the Bohemia Fire Department for a day filled with fun, informative activities surrounding the topic of fire safety and prevention measures.

In honor of October being designated as fire prevention awareness month, Assistant Chief Tom Iwanejko and firefighter Lenny Turso were on hand to teach the students about the best ways to prevent fires and save lives, including turning off electronic appliances after use and changing the batteries in smoke detectors frequently. These messages were also reinforced during an informative “Bill Nye the Science Guy” video, which included additional information about the scientific composition of fire, and best ways to extinguish it if a fire happens to break out. 

The students were also able to take part in a virtual fire extinguisher activity with assistance from Lieutenant Brian Salva, including learning how to properly utilize a fire extinguisher to put out a mock digital fire.

Before concluding their visit with the Bohemia Fire Department, the fourth- and fifth-grade students took part in the “Smokehouse,” a hands-on simulator that safely recreates the environment of a smoke-filled room. With the guidance of the volunteers, students used their best judgment to come up with the smartest and safest ways to exit the simulator as if it were a real-life emergency.

Additionally, Sycamore Avenue Elementary and Slocum Elementary Schools participated in fire prevention awareness month by inviting local firefighters into their buildings to share fire safety practices amongst the students.