Green Thumb Gardening

Green Thumb Gardening photo
Members of the after-school gardening club at Ronkonkoma Middle School are currently enhancing their connection to nature by learning about the benefits of growing fresh fruits and vegetables together and sampling the harvest they have cultivated.

Under the advisory of English teacher Heidi Edmonds, dozens of students from all grade levels are collaborating amongst one another and cultivating real-world gardening skills. Additionally, throughout the course of their meetings, the students are becoming accustomed to the growing patterns of local soil, and which produce is easiest to grow in their native garden. Prior to the beginning of the school year, the students met throughout the summer to plant seeds in hopes of seeing what their efforts would yield.

“Throughout their gardening efforts, the students have come to find that broccoli and Brussels sprouts are easy to grow and are highly adaptable to the soil,” Mrs. Edmonds explained.

Throughout the course, students have grown several fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, kale, butternut squash and broccoli.