Bouncing Back Respect

Bouncing Back Respect photo

In keeping with this year’s theme of “One World, One Dream,” students at John Pearl Elementary School were recently treated to a highly engaging and equally informative presentation from former Harlem Globetrotter’s athlete Corey the Dribbler about perseverance and the importance of respect.

Corey’s presentation began with a demonstration of impressive basketball dribbling skills, as he started with one ball and slowly worked his way up to showcasing his current world record of dribbling six balls simultaneously. 

He encouraged the students to never give up on their goals, to continue to practice in order to improve upon their skills and to always remember to show respect toward others.  

Additionally, 10 brave volunteers were invited up to the front of the gymnasium to join him in a game of “You’ve Been Tricked,” which had everyone in attendance highly entertained. Throughout the game, Corey would attempt to trick the contestants into dropping the basketball after he had passed it to them in a dazzling fashion. John Pearl Elementary School physical education teacher Nick Sturtz joined the students as well, and was able to demonstrate his quick reflexes and impressive ball spinning skills. 

As an added reminder of his messages, Corey the Dribbler left behind autographed posters to be handed out to those students who showed respect toward one another in the classroom.