Scientific Fun

Scientific Fun photo

Students in Bosti Elementary School were recently treated to a presentation from school assembly ventriloquist Steve Petra. His science-themed “It’s Alive” program is a fun and informative show which highlighted the functions of the human body’s most important organs.

Mr. Petra’s show consisted of introducing friendly puppets mimicking essential organs such as the brain, lungs, human heart and digestive system, each providing their own explanation of how they assist in the body’s daily functions. Throughout the presentation, students were invited to join Mr. Petra on the stage to demonstrate how each of the organs functioned. For example, a group of volunteers were asked by “The Guts” to display the plush-version of the small intestine, which was meant to mimic its human counterpart at more than 20 feet long!  

Mr. Petra’s exuberant personality ensured that all staff and students in attendance were not only enjoying themselves, but also learning important scientific facts along the way.