Classes at Bosti Elementary School are now able to enjoy the recently renovated outdoor classroom within the school’s courtyard for reading, writing and science-based lessons.

Additionally, a variety of flowers, plants and even pumpkins are growing, making it a haven for butterflies and birds. This beautiful space was enhanced this past spring through a CFAC grant written by Lisa Manzo, Patricia Koster, and Laura Nektaredes. The Labyrinth was designed and created by Ronkonkoma resident Richard Koster.

This summer, the space was cared for by parents and students alike, as they watered and weeded the garden.

A heartfelt thank you to the following families and scout troops for their contributions - Ramirez, Monalvo, Arroyo, Castaldo, Quinn, Hippler, Farino, Focarile, DiGaetano, Girl Scout Troop 1855 (Mrs. Ciaccco) and Girl Scout Troop 2314 (Mrs. Olsen).