Mathematic Excellence

Mathematic Excellence Photo
The district congratulates Cherokee Street Elementary School fifth-grade student Brandon Ziegler for tying in fourth place in the Sumdog National Summer Math Contest, an accomplishment exemplified as he was one of 147,000 students taking part in this contest.

Brandon is in Cathy Mongiello’s class, whose students are no strangers to the contest. They were previously recognized for earning the first-place title in the state of New York for the Eastern Suffolk Regional Contest with Brandon also being the top performer and achieving an average of 98.8 percent correct answers throughout all of his endeavors.

“Brandon is a brilliant, conscientious student with an intense desire to absorb knowledge in all subjects and has a knack for difficult math,” said Mrs. Mongiello. “He works so hard and it shows in all he does. He is also just a great kid and I'm excited to watch him progress and succeed through his middle school and high school career.”