Celebrating the Science Symposium

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Connetquot High School’s science research program recently held its first Science Symposium, which allowed students to showcase their scientific studies through presentations, discussions, and questions and answers.
Throughout the course of the evening, Connetquot High School science research teacher John Halloran talked about the opportunities students have each year, such as the Barcode Long Island program through Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the micrometeorite project through the National Synchrotron Light Source II at Brookhaven National Laboratory. As 18 student-projects were on display, incoming freshmen saw what current students are studying as a result of the program and had a better understanding of the possibilities that lie ahead. Additionally, Connetquot High School Class of 2017 valedictorian Mit Patel, a four-year member of the program, spoke about what he has gained by being a part of this program.

“Through this program, students have an unparalleled opportunity to dive deeply into an area of interest, explore an internship with a scientist, prepare for a STEM career, and work with science-minded peers,” said Connetquot School District Secondary STEM Chairperson Dr. Mary Loesing.

The district’s science research program has grown tremendously since introduced four years ago and the enrollment in the first year of the four-year program is projected to double in 2017-18.