Lessons in Respect

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In accordance with their school theme of “Hand in Hand Across Our Land,” students at John Pearl Elementary School were recently treated to a special visit from acclaimed children’s author Valerie Pfundstein. She spoke about how the messages in her books draw inspiration from the “superheroes” who serve their country and community.

Throughout the course of her presentation, Mrs. Pfundstein shared stories about her various friends and family members who have served in the military, including her own grandfather, Frank, who served as a Navy mailman during World War II. Additionally, she spoke of her friend Manny, the veteran who inspired her to write the highly-acclaimed children’s book, “Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood.”

Before concluding her presentation, Mrs. Pfundstein reminded students to thank veterans for their service to the country, and taught them a song in sign language aimed at expressing gratitude toward servicemen and women.