Learning About Italy’s ‘Forgotten Heroes’

Thanks to the efforts of Connetquot High School Italian teacher Giuseppina Santi, the entire sophomore class learned about the Italian citizens' involvement in saving the lives of 80 percent of the Jewish residents living in Italy under Benito Mussolini's fascist regime during World War II.

To begin the program, the students viewed the documentary “My Italian Secret: The Forgotten Heroes,” a film that shares the stories of those who lived during that time period. To enhance their understanding of the film, the students spoke candidly with Vincent Marmorale, a retired social studies teacher of 33 years and a producer on the film. They also heard from Barbara Bernard, a veteran teacher and an associate of Mr. Marmorale, who is devoted to Holocaust education. Both individuals spoke about their experiences in the production of the film and the people they met along the way.  

The Connetquot High School Foreign Language Honor Society recognized the importance of keeping such stories alive by making a generous donation to Mr. Marmorale's organization, Italians and the Holocaust Foundation.