Smart Shoppers

As part of their math studies, fifth-grade students in Kristine Abbinanti’s class at Cherokee Street Elementary School recently took the initiative to learn how to shop in a smart and socially conscious manner.

 “My class and I worked on a ‘Smart Shopping’ unit, in which I gave them $25 at the beginning of the year as seed money for the project,” said Mrs. Abbinanti. “Every Friday, we reviewed sales circulars from several local stores and then searched for coupons online while students maintained a spreadsheet to keep track of our spending along the way.”

By utilizing their newly garnished “Smart Shopping” skills, students were able to purchase close to $250 worth of goods without coming close to the actual price. As part of their lesson, the students selected and bought practical items such as cereal, canned foods and paper goods, which will be donated to a local pantry for community members in need.