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As an extension of their classroom studies, Connetquot High School science students took an in depth look at complex scientific research during a recent program given by James A. Hayward, Ph.D., Sc.D., chairman of the board, president and CEO of Applied DNA Sciences Management Team at Stony Brook Hospital.
The engaging program came to fruition based on the outreach efforts of Nikhil Bamarajpet, a student currently enrolled in a handful of advanced science courses at Connetquot. Nikhil put together an outstanding video project regarding the research he completed last year on DNA Security in his AP Biology course, and Dr. Hayward was so impressed with his efforts that he arranged his visit.
“I have had Nikhil in three of my classes throughout his time at Connetquot High School, and he has always been a very innovative and inquisitive student, always going above and beyond what most students do,” said science teacher Erica Dosch. “It's exciting to witness his enthusiasm in science.”
During the lecture program, Dr. Hayward shared information pertaining to important scientific history, and how DNA is an incredibly valuable scientific aspect that he hopes future generations of researchers will continue to explore.