United We Stand Week

United We Stand Week Red Ribbon Week

The district recently took part in the annual “United We Stand Week/Red Ribbon Week” as an opportunity to teach students the importance living an active and healthy lifestyle.

In honor of the week’s theme, Idle Hour and John Pearl Elementary School students had the chance to learn about the dangers of smoking during assembly programs conducted by representatives from the Suffolk County Department of Health. Throughout both programs, the speakers used multi-media presentations and various interactive experiments to explain the power of nicotine and the effects of tobacco smoking on the body.
A United We Stand Literacy Connection section was set up during a book fair at Cherokee Elementary School. This area helped to guide students in the direction of books that promote self-esteem and healthy lifestyle choices. Additionally, bulletin boards near the entrance of the school displayed photos of students and their families partaking in healthy activities, alongside photos of staff and students who posed for “Drug-Free Selfies.”

Duffield Elementary School recently welcomed talented singer/storyteller Brian Chevalier as an opportunity to entertain the students while encouraging good health, personal development and making good choices in life.

In celebration of Red Ribbon Week, an aerial photo in the shape of the letters “USA” was taken of the Slocum Elementary students and staff.  

Under the direction of Youth and Family Services Coordinator Laura Michelsen, fifth-grade students at Sycamore Elementary took part in a program consisting of anti-drug and anti-bullying skits designed to emphasize self-esteem and making positive choices.
Since its inception in 1985, parents, staff and the youth of communities across the country are encouraged to wear Red Ribbons as a symbol of their commitment to raise awareness of the drug issue in America.


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