Connetquot Thanks Retirees

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Connetquot Central School District wholeheartedly thanks the below listed retirees, who have each made meaningful and lasting contributions to the district and its schools. Although they could not be together in the traditional sense, the Connetquot community has found several ways to honor these remarkable individuals as they marked the end of their professional careers. These sendoffs included such things as a few socially distanced car parades and the distribution of commemorative lawn signs.

Administration Retirements
Patricia Murthy

Teacher Retirements
Donna Barclay
Rosemary Baldi-Abbate
Yvonne Bender
Robin Benincase
Elizabeth Byrne
Patricia Dow
Laura Getman-Vaca
Penny Graziano
Kathleen Martinez
Jane Murphy
Rosemarie Ehlers
Kathleen Happer
Dawn Long
Kathleen Lopergalo
Barbara Mannino
Eileen McGinnis
Gail O’Connor
Laraine Pincus
Loretta Powell
Loretta Rodrigues
Pearl Schwartz
Patricia Snydstrup
Claudia Stern

Clerical Retirements
Patricia Bonacum
Mary Jane Budde
June Ericsson
Jeanne Garcia
Karen Giallanza
Donna Griffo
Gabe Licciardello
Janice Mortati

Custodial Retirements
Marie Ceramello
Kevin Fox
James Poggio
Thomas Roberts
Craig Ronsen

Transportation Retirements
Karen Bosser
Jean Comeau
Maureen Loffredo
Sharon Morris
Steve Patterson

Teachers’ Assistant Retirements
Patricia Boruch
Jeanette Brown
Linda Kalamaras
Joyce LaVigni
Mary Martone
Paula McGee
Theresa Mortensen
Linda Ziglioli

Food Service Retirements
Marie Ceramello
Nancy Phillips
Maria Stancampiano