Growing a Garden of Nutrition

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Duffield Elementary School students are learning the importance of proper nutrition and economic sustainability thanks to a tower garden initiative coordinated by Youth and Family Services Coordinator Joanne Pisani, M.S., L.M.H.C.

Secured through a donation from CFAC and PPS, the tower garden is being utilized in the second grade classes on a rotational basis. Students are working as horticulturists, planting, cultivating and harvesting the bounty from the garden, which includes kale, lettuce and various other produce. Through lessons with Ms. Pisani, the students are learning that eating healthy foods can help to prevent and reverse disease and that plant foods are the matrix for cells to grow healthy. 
Following each harvest, the students are treated to a “salad party” in class where they get to taste test the different items grown and even take some home to share with their families. Prior to this year, the tower garden was used in fifth and third grade. 

“Our long-term goal would be to have a tower in every classroom,” Ms. Pisani said. “In addition, we will make our courtyard a green grow space where we can grow additional vegetables in the warmer months and donate to the Duffield community.”